I accept commissions for almost any size canvas:








I will need the following:

*Colors you want used

*Colors you don’t want

*What emotion or feeling you want to come close to expressing

Please note that as an Expressionist, The work I do is spontaneous and unpredictable. I have no idea what will happen, or what it will look like. I can do similiar motions I have used in the past on my other paintings, but there is no guarantee it will come out exactly the same. That is the beauty, wonder and awe of the Expressionist movement!

**I expect half of the price upfront, to be paid through Paypal. I can have it in a week depending on everything going well. If you have any questions, you can write directly to me during the process. It is not an hourly event, it varies. The larger the piece, the more time is needed, and I would have to do it in layers. The last half of the payment is to be given upon completion.

Materials I use:

*Metal scraper, palette knife



*Acrylic and Spray Sealant

You can get it on a wrapped canvas, example below, or a flat canvas board, which would need a canvas hanger to be purchased in order to hang it.

This is an example of a wrapped canvas, it has an inch thick in depth and a middle bar across the back.

If you are ready to get started, please email me at: gmail, but **Please use in the subject line: “Inquiring about an Art Commission”.

***Also, I DO NOT fall for art scams, and will have no part in them

Send the money to

I look forward to working with you! It is a very exciting thing to have your very own specialized painting! Talk to you soon!