Expressionism is a Flow

Sometimes I stop and think what the style of art is that I do because I like to analyze it. I often put on music to paint, and it seems impossible for me to paint without it. Music stirs up the right emotions to let out in order to paint properly. Everyone is different, butContinue reading “Expressionism is a Flow”

YOU Can Be An Art Collector!

I noticed there is this stigma I did not existed because I was wrapped up in my own world as an Artist. I get the strong impression most people think that they cannot be Art Collectors unless they are rich, or have a fancy home. None of that is true! Art is a courageous purchase,Continue reading “YOU Can Be An Art Collector!”

Be An Encouragement To Someone Today

I write this post because of something that happened to me. I am on Instagram, and do not have hardly any engagement on there with my art. I don’t spend much time there because even when I follow all the dumb rules of marketing, I still don’t get my work known. I use the accountContinue reading “Be An Encouragement To Someone Today”

The Great Expression

I have been watching two documentaries in recent days, and both of them spoke to me deeply. The first one was about Van Gogh, and it was very sad. It opened up thoughts in me I wish I did not have, but always have had through the years. Van Gogh had some type of mentalContinue reading “The Great Expression”

Exploring Post Minimalism

On Instagram, there is a hashtag I follow called: Post Minimalism. I end up every day, about eighty percent of the time liking all the work, so I decided to look up the term. I feel stupid, but I had never heard of that phrase before. Turns out it is a rebellion against minimalism inContinue reading “Exploring Post Minimalism”

Enough is Enough- Just Be Yourself

Collectors can be anyone. They do not have to be rich, or have a status, or stereotype. What stuck out the most, was in a casual sentence he said: “Maybe they fall in love with you as a person, and decide to buy your work..” . Whoa, what?  I started thinking right then, how much RafiContinue reading “Enough is Enough- Just Be Yourself”