Painting: BW1

12x16 acrylic abstract black and white painting, flat canvas I just let everything take over, grabbed the metal scraper and went to town, moving in certain directions and completed it. It speaks volumes and I don't know why or cannot place it, all my paintings want to scream loudly and that is the goal I … Continue reading Painting: BW1

Glimmer of Hope

This painting, glimmer of hope is very large, at 24x36 on a flat canvas board, and in acrylic, large abstract blue painting I painted this early Summer, and wanted to have a divine connection to God. The blue can either be a sky, or represents us. The yellow is the light that makes it's wa … Continue reading Glimmer of Hope

Painting: Raw Pain

This painting was done in April 2019 a few months after my Father died. I wanted to express emotions about it and other things and noticed that when I painted, the same thing happened-I was always reaching towards something, trying desperately to express an emotion that was impossible to explain. By the end of it, … Continue reading Painting: Raw Pain

Painting: Full Expression

15x20 acrylic on flat canvas, abstract drip painting This is in my top favorite paintings. I did this early on in my career. Stunned myself, but I had a strong passion to make this and pulled it off. I used a deep background color, and then titled the painting and sprayed on top various colors. … Continue reading Painting: Full Expression

New Painting ‘Static’ Details

I bought Oil Pastels months ago, and have just now finished a painting. Took a little longer than acrylic, and I took my time with it. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to have good flow with this type of material, but I was wrong. Only The Winds Video on YouTube These songs … Continue reading New Painting ‘Static’ Details