Painting with thoughts..

New paintings in the form of three abstract expressionist paintings were done yesterday on my back porch, on acrylic paper. I have plans to make one into bookmarks so that one will be in print only other than the bookmarks. The other two are for sale. As I was painting these, I had many thoughts … Continue reading Painting with thoughts..

Painting: Whitespace

This painting was inspired by a random photo I saw of an image frame next to a gradient image. I changed the colors and painted with oil pastels. As I was painting, it felt like a frequency like you see in music..waves that go up..and I can't stand straight lines, so when I came time … Continue reading Painting: Whitespace

Painting; Muse

I am learning once more that painting in general...every stroke matters. When I first started, I read Nancy Hillis blog. She said that for an exercise make six strokes on a piece of paper. She said nobody will do what you do, that alone makes it different. I reminded myself of that today when I … Continue reading Painting; Muse

Painting: Seeing Clearly

15x20 acrylic on flat canvas, abstract expressionist blue and black I did a cloud and blue backdrop, then found it was not enough for me, so I started adding depth with black and yellow, and it has almost an arial view-like essence of a sky so I call it Seeing Clearly because even though the … Continue reading Painting: Seeing Clearly

Painting: Blurring the Lines

16x20 flat canvas, acrylic. Post Minimalism original painting My shot at Geometrics, turned into "messy" geometrics and I can not be more proud. I did this in mid 2019, and was so thrilled and learned a lot. I started off with sketch lines, I ended up leaving on the canvas, and then tried using other … Continue reading Painting: Blurring the Lines

Painting: Everywhere

I painted this summer of 2019. I had been listening to Susie Suh's song: Everywhere. The backdrop on the video, was a photo of a blurred bunch of trees. I could not mimic that because I don't do landscapes so it ended up being something else with movement, the yellow adds dimension and light, great … Continue reading Painting: Everywhere

Painting: Ribbons

16x20 flat canvas, acrylic, abstract drip and spray painting Painted a lot in the Spring of 2019, as Summer came close, I painted this one, wanting something bright, cheerful. I started off with green and yellow backdrop on either side, and then let colors come to mind and used a scraper to make interesting lines … Continue reading Painting: Ribbons