I never thought about painting myself until a few years ago. I have been a Photographer since 2004, and that was my thing. Then for Christmas of 2018, I asked for paint supplies. I started painting right away with oil and did not like the texture. I went through six canvases or more getting used to the process.

I had a male friend for twenty years that got me into Art originally. He had art books on various people. This was back in the nineties. I loved Rene Magritte. My friend liked Dali so we went to Atlanta’s Dali exhibit in 2011. It was the first time in my entire life I had seen art up close and personal from a legend. I could see brush strokes that looked like human hair. I was in awe of the realism of the imagery.

I also like Edward Hopper and of course I am blown away by Pollock, who isn’t? Modern Artists of today I like are Jonas Gerard and David Kessler, they are Abstract Artists but quite good. I was into Abstract art before I started painting. I was into Interior Decorating, and used to look at Art in relation to matching Decor. It is funny how things turn out. Now I know Art is much more than that.

After that though, I started to see where I was going with this, and became an “expressionist” without wanting to or realizing it. That is the label I fit the most. I do basic abstract and Post Minimalism, and Conceptual art as well.

I use unique tools like a metal scraper, sponge, rags, anything to get the desired effect I want. I do use a brush but only 20% of the time.

I always listen to music as I paint, and let myself go to an emotional place, and paint from there.

I am 46, and live in upper western North Carolina.

I have been painting for two years.

I also love to write and have a personal blog at: