Exploring Post Minimalism

On Instagram, there is a hashtag I follow called: Post Minimalism. I end up every day, about eighty percent of the time liking all the work, so I decided to look up the term. I feel stupid, but I had never heard of that phrase before. Turns out it is a rebellion against minimalism inContinue reading “Exploring Post Minimalism”

Enough is Enough- Just Be Yourself

Collectors can be anyone. They do not have to be rich, or have a status, or stereotype. What stuck out the most, was in a casual sentence he said: “Maybe they fall in love with you as a person, and decide to buy your work..” . Whoa, what?  I started thinking right then, how much RafiContinue reading “Enough is Enough- Just Be Yourself”

Always Seeking Out Light: My Painting-Tripping Into The Light

So, it’s a late hot day. I am sitting down to paint. Ideas form on the canvas. A single light beam. I think of how much Edward Hopper painted light. I have always loved his work. I realize, surprisingly, that I am just like him. Hopper always wanted light to be showcased in his work.Continue reading “Always Seeking Out Light: My Painting-Tripping Into The Light”