Painting: Deeply Felt

24×30 wrapped canvas, acrylic abstract painting This painting was done in Spring of 2020. I put on the song: Black Swan, by BTS. The song is very haunting and highly emotional. Really gets to me. I originally wanted to paint a doorway and it was turned the other way, but I thought it looked tooContinue reading “Painting: Deeply Felt”

Glimmer of Hope

This painting, glimmer of hope is very large, at 24×36 on a flat canvas board, and in acrylic, large abstract blue painting I painted this early Summer, and wanted to have a divine connection to God. The blue can either be a sky, or represents us. The yellow is the light that makes it’s waContinue reading “Glimmer of Hope”

Painting: Raw Pain

This painting was done in April 2019 a few months after my Father died. I wanted to express emotions about it and other things and noticed that when I painted, the same thing happened-I was always reaching towards something, trying desperately to express an emotion that was impossible to explain. By the end of it,Continue reading “Painting: Raw Pain”

Painting: Full Expression

15×20 acrylic on flat canvas, abstract drip painting This is in my top favorite paintings. I did this early on in my career. Stunned myself, but I had a strong passion to make this and pulled it off. I used a deep background color, and then titled the painting and sprayed on top various colors.Continue reading “Painting: Full Expression”

Painting: Opposites

I painted this in early Spring of 2019. I used a wiping technique. I started off with a background color and thought it would add more depth, then followed the flow of it. I call it Opposites because some of the colors are contrasting and different from each other but still come together beautifully. 11×14,Continue reading “Painting: Opposites”

Bands Of Light-Art Piece

24×30 on wrapped canvas. Acrylic blue, green and yellow. I like long sweeping, wavy lines when I paint on broader surfaces. I use a wiping technique, and keep going until it feels complete. The idea is of a shimmering light you would see on water, underneath. This ideas was deeper in my head than IContinue reading “Bands Of Light-Art Piece”

New Painting ‘Static’ Details

I bought Oil Pastels months ago, and have just now finished a painting. Took a little longer than acrylic, and I took my time with it. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to have good flow with this type of material, but I was wrong. Only The Winds Video on YouTube These songsContinue reading “New Painting ‘Static’ Details”

What Comes to The Surface

I haven’t painted in a few months because I moved, and then I was so exhausted, with a million things on my mind. What struck me as the most upsetting, was as an Expressionist I wanted to know why I could not paint when emotions are what I paint about. I was full up soContinue reading “What Comes to The Surface”

the Debate over expressionism

Throughout the years it is long since been debated that Expressionism is slop on a canvas. To me there is no debate, it isn’t. As an Artist who became an Expressionist without trying or meaning to go into this genre of Art, I can say first hand that it does choose you, and only certainContinue reading “the Debate over expressionism”

Whatever Freak Show I Am, I embrace it!

I ordered Rafi Perez’s new book: The Rogue Artist Survival Guide. So far it is great! I screenshot the above photo where he says these are things people will say to you about your art, and about your career. The average person has a mouthful to say about Artists. They think we are losers thatContinue reading “Whatever Freak Show I Am, I embrace it!”