The Great Expression

I have been watching two documentaries in recent days, and both of them spoke to me deeply. The first one was about Van Gogh, and it was very sad. It opened up thoughts in me I wish I did not have, but always have had through the years. Van Gogh had some type of mentalContinue reading “The Great Expression”

Painting: Breath of Life

I painted this on a weekend. The sun was shining bright, and I opened the windows in late fall, and listened to my Indie song folder and let go. I started in the middle painting orange, and moved across and down. I wanted an abundance of colors and a strong flow of positivity. I callContinue reading “Painting: Breath of Life”

Painting: Seeing Clearly

15×20 acrylic on flat canvas, abstract expressionist blue and black I did a cloud and blue backdrop, then found it was not enough for me, so I started adding depth with black and yellow, and it has almost an arial view-like essence of a sky so I call it Seeing Clearly because even though theContinue reading “Painting: Seeing Clearly”

Painting: Blurring the Lines

16×20 flat canvas, acrylic. Post Minimalism original painting My shot at Geometrics, turned into “messy” geometrics and I can not be more proud. I did this in mid 2019, and was so thrilled and learned a lot. I started off with sketch lines, I ended up leaving on the canvas, and then tried using otherContinue reading “Painting: Blurring the Lines”

Painting: Everywhere

I painted this summer of 2019. I had been listening to Susie Suh’s song: Everywhere. The backdrop on the video, was a photo of a blurred bunch of trees. I could not mimic that because I don’t do landscapes so it ended up being something else with movement, the yellow adds dimension and light, greatContinue reading “Painting: Everywhere”

Painting: Ribbons

16×20 flat canvas, acrylic, abstract drip and spray painting Painted a lot in the Spring of 2019, as Summer came close, I painted this one, wanting something bright, cheerful. I started off with green and yellow backdrop on either side, and then let colors come to mind and used a scraper to make interesting linesContinue reading “Painting: Ribbons”

Painting: Blue Pouring

I did this in Spring of 2020. I call it “Acrylic pouring” because it is very similar, more like spraying though. I put the yellow, blue and green up, then sprayed water, let it drip down, and used a metal scraper to give edges and sharpness. I let it go where it wanted and letContinue reading “Painting: Blue Pouring”

Painting: BW1

12×16 acrylic abstract black and white painting, flat canvas I just let everything take over, grabbed the metal scraper and went to town, moving in certain directions and completed it. It speaks volumes and I don’t know why or cannot place it, all my paintings want to scream loudly and that is the goal IContinue reading “Painting: BW1”