Try My New Service of Matching my Artwork to your home!

Years ago in 2013, I decided to sit down hardcore, and study color. I was always poor, and could not afford to take a course, so I taught myself. I went to a Hardware store, and cleaned them out of every single paint color sample there was, and then sat down and studied. I askedContinue reading “Try My New Service of Matching my Artwork to your home!”

Painting: You Were Born For This

I wait until the right moment to paint, and sometimes summer makes it hard. But I turned on my music to a song I had not heard in a long time-Unsecret-For this, you were born for, featuring Ruelle, another favorite singer of mine. As I heard this song, the painting came out naturally, and powerfully.Continue reading “Painting: You Were Born For This”

Expressionism is a Flow

Sometimes I stop and think what the style of art is that I do because I like to analyze it. I often put on music to paint, and it seems impossible for me to paint without it. Music stirs up the right emotions to let out in order to paint properly. Everyone is different, butContinue reading “Expressionism is a Flow”

When a Paint Table is it’s own Painting

I go on the back porch in the mornings, and casually glanced down at my paint table that reminded me to paint again. Sometimes I don’t paint for weeks at a time since I want to get it right when I do. So, I look down and notice the designs on the table are ofContinue reading “When a Paint Table is it’s own Painting”

Painting with thoughts..

New paintings in the form of three abstract expressionist paintings were done yesterday on my back porch, on acrylic paper. I have plans to make one into bookmarks so that one will be in print only other than the bookmarks. The other two are for sale. As I was painting these, I had many thoughtsContinue reading “Painting with thoughts..”

YOU Can Be An Art Collector!

I noticed there is this stigma I did not existed because I was wrapped up in my own world as an Artist. I get the strong impression most people think that they cannot be Art Collectors unless they are rich, or have a fancy home. None of that is true! Art is a courageous purchase,Continue reading “YOU Can Be An Art Collector!”

Painting: Whitespace

This painting was inspired by a random photo I saw of an image frame next to a gradient image. I changed the colors and painted with oil pastels. As I was painting, it felt like a frequency like you see in music..waves that go up..and I can’t stand straight lines, so when I came timeContinue reading “Painting: Whitespace”

Painting; Muse

I am learning once more that painting in general…every stroke matters. When I first started, I read Nancy Hillis blog. She said that for an exercise make six strokes on a piece of paper. She said nobody will do what you do, that alone makes it different. I reminded myself of that today when IContinue reading “Painting; Muse”

Be An Encouragement To Someone Today

I write this post because of something that happened to me. I am on Instagram, and do not have hardly any engagement on there with my art. I don’t spend much time there because even when I follow all the dumb rules of marketing, I still don’t get my work known. I use the accountContinue reading “Be An Encouragement To Someone Today”