Painting: Whitespace

This painting was inspired by a random photo I saw of an image frame next to a gradient image. I changed the colors and painted with oil pastels. As I was painting, it felt like a frequency like you see in music..waves that go up..and I can’t stand straight lines, so when I came time to close the box, I didn’t. I swept out the colors into the “whitespace”. This phrase came to me from a book by Bonnie Gray, Finding Spiritual Whitespace. She says that whitespace is negative space in art, but it is anything but empty.

So as I glanced at the painting, I wondered: is this blank space empty? What can it represent? But that is the beauty of art. The meaning can be quite complex and deep if you want it to be. You can get lost in this simple painting. I am inspired by the Post Minimalism movement of squares that do not quite connect, and I used that concept here. The messy lines, and the extra static of paint, the spillover so to speak is there on purpose. I always leave the ruggedness of a painting as raw as possible because to me that speaks more of life and how real things are, and that there is nothing tidy about it.

I call this painting: Whitespace. 16×20 on a wrapped canvas. Oil pastels.

To buy directly, go to my Gallery page in the menu. If you want to message me and chat about this painting, I am on Facebook, navigate to the bottom for the icon.

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