Painting; Muse

I am learning once more that painting in general…every stroke matters. When I first started, I read Nancy Hillis blog. She said that for an exercise make six strokes on a piece of paper. She said nobody will do what you do, that alone makes it different. I reminded myself of that today when I painted my latest painting.

I also learned that I have a signature style I keep coming back to. It is something I always recognize in other Artists but never thought about it myself, but yet when I paint, I tend to use the same techniques and gravitate towards them.

I put on my song playlist and started, and got wrapped up in the details. A few songs came on that really got to me so I ran with it, and hoped it came out in the painting.

So run, wake up and run, my little one

wanna tear down these walls that can’t hold you inside

And rip out the cords and uncover your eyes

We’ll make our escape in the dark of night

I need you to see this-SYML, Girl

I looked at the painting several times and tried to see what I could get out of it. Color and the lines i make are always directional, and flow well, and tend to float almost. I started off oddly enough with an inspirational photo I took of the sunlight a few months ago:

Here is what it ended up being instead, I paused halfway through to get photos:

So the end result is this…

Title: Muse 16×20 on wrapped canvas, acrylic, buy directly here:

So to me, no matter what each line, each shape means something all on it’s own, the true magic of expressionism.

To buy directly, go to my Gallery page in the menu. If you want to message me and chat about this painting, I am on Facebook, navigate to the bottom for the icon.

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