Sacrifice for Art

When I first started painting in early 2019, I used to dip my fingers into paint directly, and did not wear a mask. This year, I realized my gut disorders have reached a new level, and I have to wear a mask when I paint, and wear gloves otherwise I have an autoimmune attack and feel sick a few hours later. I have food allergies the past four years that have popped up and with time, it has gotten worse instead of better.

Never did I dream, the one thing I loved would make me sick, but every time I paint, I have to whip out a mask and gloves and it almost ruins the process. I have to fight to stay motivated and to create regardless.

In a time, when we wear masks because of Covid, I was hoping for a break, and it hit me personally. It does not mean I will stop painting, it is a sacrifice I make each time. It means too much to me to quit.

Other things also get in the way of painting like lack of supplies, canvases, etc and I have to plan everything out.

There is so much more to art than just putting something out there. I love it enough to keep fighting. Acrylic paint is known to be hazardous anyway. It has ammonia and fermaldahyde in it. Paints the best though out of all of them.

Beauty requires a sacrifice, so be it!

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