Worked on another painting last night with the Oil Pastels. I took my time and made more an abstract painting. I used a sponge and slight amount of water to blend everything together, and it took longer than I thought. I kept going back with purple, blue and green was automatically made from the blend, I also added yellow, orange, peach, white and black. Oil pastels are very strange. The lines are very light and it takes more time to get everything to work right.

I did not know where this painting would take me either. I meticiously worked on it until if felt right to me. Listening to music always, my mind is never calm when I paint. Sometimes I am thinking negatively, or just going with a feeling.

As I propped up the painting and looked at it the next day from across the room, it looked like to me the colors you might see if you were to take a cloth over one of those mosaic lamps, and colors would appear blurred. I have been seeing art this way the past three paintings, that in the end it resembles something else entirely, usually a metaphor for something, or some type of object. That is what is good about Art.

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