I bought Oil Pastels months ago, and have just now finished a painting. Took a little longer than acrylic, and I took my time with it. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to have good flow with this type of material, but I was wrong.

Only The Winds Video on YouTube

I started listening to my playlist. The song: Only the Winds, by Olafur Arnalds saddened me and brought about emotions I wanted to feel. Lists, In the Breeze, Dave Thomas Junior: Silence, and Rhodes: What If Love, Max Richter-Meeting Again.

These songs helped me to paint out emotions and go with the flow.

As I painted, the same thing happens to me that occurs in every painting. I start off with some type of backdrop or color, in this case it was lines, looked pretty normal and dull, then I blended, drew lines across the canvas, and kept going. The difference between me and and an regular Abstract Artist is I can’t do straight lines, that’s is who I am. No-straight-lines-Jennifer.

I was happy it turned out as good as it did. Turns out oil pastels are not as hard as I thought they would be. I even read online that they last a long time, just as long as any paint would.

I call it: Static because emotions remind me of static on a screen. There is always an insight as I paint that comes to mind. Last time, it was condensation on a glass for my painting: What Comes to the surface. This time, its static. My paintings run a theme usually about emotional pains, angst, loss, hurt, surrender, a whole array of emotions, that is up to the viewer to figure out.

Finished Painting: Static. Go to Artpreneur.com to buy: https://artrepreneur.com/search/artwork?artistId=WsqpStkBYJsuP8PKx

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