What Comes to The Surface

I haven’t painted in a few months because I moved, and then I was so exhausted, with a million things on my mind. What struck me as the most upsetting, was as an Expressionist I wanted to know why I could not paint when emotions are what I paint about. I was full up so to speak. Every intense emotion I could feel was in my head, and when I would glance at a canvas to get them out, I was worried it would not translate correctly so I did not even try. That is a mistake really.

So, yesterday I waited, and with late afternoon sunshine pouring in, I felt inspired enough to start. As I painted the lines straight down, I glanced it and thought it reminded me of something bubbling up from somewhere, something not visible to the naked eye, but eventually comes out like our emotions, yes! This insight came to me and is now part of the description.

For some reason, lines to me represent emotions that need to be expressed and seen but in a neat manner.

Since I do not paint without music, I listened to Ruelle’s Emerge, and Susie Suh’s: Here With Me.

There is something about Indie music, it’s flowing, melodic trance like tone, helps brings these emotions to the front so they an be painted.

To buy directly, go to my Gallery page in the menu. If you want to message me and chat about this painting, I am on Facebook, navigate to the bottom for the icon.

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