Well I made an effort, and grabbed my 38″ wood board and painted what came to me. I chose a darker blue and yellow, always drawn to these colors because it is a positive and a negative.

As I listened to Ruelle’s Find You, and The Other Side, I painted my emotions. There is always an angst, a heartfelt expression, a loss, like I am painting a form of sadness that is trying to break free and be complete and happy. It is like I am painting through my emotions. So here it is:

If I try and crop the photo it comes out blurry, so I guess we are getting the full mess of my room and the area in which I painted, but since everyone wants a behind the scenes shot, here you go. It will be sale on E-crater. I cannot ship internationally, so it will be for U.S. only. It feels pretty heavy, have not weighed it, so a flat fee for the entire board will be given as the price.

The name comes to me as part of Ruelle’s song: The Other Side. There is a lyric that says: We are buried in broken dreams. I felt that as I painted this, so the title is: Broken Dreams. To purchase directly go: here

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