Hi, I am Jennifer Underwood, I have been an Abstract Expressionist Artist since Winter of 2019. Since then, I have painted tons of things. I paint wood, canvas, and use Acrylic mostly.

I like messing lines and shapes up, hate tidiness, and I paint spontaneously. Some take hours or even weeks, some are done in minutes. I use various tools more than brushes, sponges, and drip/spray techniques. Anything I can get my hands on, that will work with paint, I will try.

Painting for me is the deepest part of my soul, and it lies for the world to see. It is a complex thing for me that has a yearning for extreme expression. I paint with full on feeling, nothing is held back.

How I came to like Art:

When I was in my twenties, a friend of mine at the time, had all these art books. I instantly liked Rene Magritte’s out of all of them. He was obsessed with Dali, so I liked his stuff too, but liked Magritte more.

Than in late 1990’s, I knew a Folk Artist temporarily, and saw a lot of his work, and then he did some Realism pieces that were really good.

I never set foot in a museum until 2011, when I saw the Dali exhibit in Atlanta. I was stunned. You could see brush strokes. Dali did paintings of Dala’s hair, and it looked real, like you could touch it. There was a painting of a woman in a red dress on a horse, and it was velvet, the dress looked like it was real. Everything seemed 3D almost.

I also like Edward Hopper, and modern Artists like Jonas Gerard, Rafi Perez, David Kessler.

I spent many years as a Landscape/Nature Photographer, and I still am. So painting is just another aspect of seeing images in a different way.